Welcome to Watkin the Cat's fanpage!

Who is Watkin the cat?

Watkin is a hairless cat (otherwise known as a Sphynx cat) who lives near Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR.

Watkin has many talents. He can pee in the toilet.

Watkin can open cabinets.

He has no survival instinct.

Hairless Cat FAQs

Can my Sphynx go outside?

Yes, but they are very valuable and you run a huge risk of theft. Also they do feel the cold and need sun cream on a hot day as they can burn. Some people have safe enclosed gardens or outdoor cat runs, or you could always train your Sphynx to harness.

Will I have to keep the heating on all day?

No, but if your house is cold you will need to provide a heated bed, they are hairless.

Can I have a Sphynx if I have an allergy?

The Sphynx is not totally hypo allergenic, they give off skin cells which can cause a reaction. You should be OK if your allergy is to hair only. Come and spend some time with them to see if you have a reaction.